6 Ways Moderate Porn Use and Masturbation Can Improve Your Life

It’s not everyday that we get told something we love is good for us, but modern science has proven once again that responsible porn viewing and masturbation can actually benefit a person’s overall health. In fact, a recent article states that there are at least a dozen advantages to reaching orgasm. Interestingly enough, the more you do it, the better you look and feel. Who would have guessed it?

It gets even more interesting than that though. As it turns out, there’s a limit to the number of orgasms a human being can have in one month before he or she starts to pay the price for repetitive pleasure. Things sort of level out once you reach a certain point, but that doesn’t negate the efficacy of a good nut. And since that limit is a relatively new discovery with somewhat incomplete scientific backing, many sexual behavior experts automatically blame porn and masturbation for things that have more to do with the individual than the habits themselves.

The Top 6 Ways to Include Porn and Masturbation into Your Life in a Healthy Way

What ends up being concluded is that porn and masturbation are both healthy and helpful activities that can be enjoyed by anyone as long as it doesn’t cause injury, heartbreak or damage. Studies have shown that people of all ages, genders and sexual orientations enjoy pornographic material and/or masturbation. Getting rid of it completely would do no good for society, but responsible use can shed new light on the validity of these practices.

On the other hand, these conclusions are seldom discussed in lieu of contrary agendas that would see sexually explicit imagery completely wiped off the face of modern-day map. Fortunately, there’s plenty of evidence to support the benefits, not just the drawbacks.

As a matter of fact, the following 5 points are ways that moderate porn use and/or masturbation can improve your life:

  • Both May Assist with Erectile Dysfunction

Having sex and/or masturbating to porn often can make it easier for you and/or your partner to get it up despite problems with erectile dysfunction. Studies have shown that being exposed to sexually explicit material and/or stimulating masturbation sessions can instigate feelings of arousal when one existed before. After all, what do you think they use at sperm banks to get men to cum in cups?

  • Both Can Make Long-Distance Relationships More Successful

Porn and masturbation can make long-distance relations easier to maintain, not to mention more satisfying. In fact, some of today’s best couples-friendly sex toys are designed specifically to enhance long-distance love affairs by promoting the use of pornography and/or masturbation alongside high-tech features and user-friendly interfaces. If it weren’t for sexually explicit material and/or the proven need for occasional masturbation, those high-end toys would not exist.

  • Both Are Ideal for Safe Sexual Exploration

Watching porn helps give viewers ideas about things to try in the bedroom. That same thing is also what drives some people to become sex addicts, but it’s not a guarantee that every person will become addicted to pornography and/or masturbation because of frequent enjoyment thereof. As a matter of fact, sexual therapists and relationship counselors often suggest watching porn movies and/or engaging in voyeuristic masturbation sessions as ways to rekindle lost flames in long-term relationships.

  • Both Can Improve Your Endurance

You’ve probably heard it said that masturbating before having sex with a partner can prolong your endurance and make it harder for you to ejaculate prematurely. Not only is that completely true but it’s also only half of the story. Especially for those who suffer from premature ejaculation, frequent masturbation (with or without porn as inspiration) can increase sexual stamina while also increasing your confidence as a result.

  • Both Support Fidelity in an Exclusive Relationship

Being in a monogamous relationship is a big responsibility. Temptation is everywhere, but porn and masturbation can make it easier to fight through your urges and remain faithful to your partner. Whether looking at porn to satisfy sexual fantasies or masturbating to relieve unmet desires, both habits can support fidelity in long-term, monogamous relationships. This is especially true when high-quality couples-friendly sex toys are involved.

  • Both Can Create Bonds Between Partners

Watching porn together and/or engaging in mutual masturbation is a fun, interesting and exciting way to strengthen the interpersonal bonds between you and your partner(s). According to every independent study known to Man, frequent masturbation (under the right circumstances) and regular enjoyment of pornography can create a bond that traditional sex cannot. The sheer act of pushing the envelope together can make for an incredible connection.

Tips for Enjoying Porn and Masturbation Responsibly

Although there are many proven benefits to enjoying pornography and/or masturbation, it’s important to understand that responsible use should always be a number one priority. To determine whether you’re being responsible or not, answer the following 3 questions:

  • Do I ever feel like I’m living a double life because of my masturbation and/or pornography habits?
  • Have I ever hurt anyone or damaged any relationships and/or career opportunities because of my sexual compulsions?
  • Am I ever guilty of hiding and/or lying about my pornography and/or masturbation because of shame?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, you’re most likely the reason why porn and masturbation have such a bad reputation. Seek help immediately.

3 Creative Ways to Deal with Masturbation Addiction

Choking your chicken. Beating your meat. Rubbing one out. Masturbation has been called many things, but it wasn’t until recently that it’s been categorized as a possible addiction. Who would have thought that doing something completely natural (and extremely pleasurable) could have such dire consequences? According to relationship experts, unchecked masturbation can lead to serious problems, including but not limited to impotence, erectile dysfunction and genital desensitization.

What Is Masturbation?

Put simply, masturbation is the act of manipulating and/or stimulating your own genitals to produce pleasurable sensations and eventual orgasmic release. Stimulation may be delivered through the use of one’s hands, fingers, household objects, and/or with sex toys such as dildos, vibrators, prostate massagers, male masturbation devices or a combination thereof. Mutual masturbation, which includes the same kinds of acts performed on or by a partner, often serves as a safe and satisfying substitute for penetration.

What Is Masturbation Addiction?

Modern science has given us some pretty confusing information about masturbation and addiction. On one hand, researchers say that self-pleasure is a completely normal and healthy human behavior that might actually improve a person’s health. In fact, frequent masturbation is common among all genders regardless of the person’s age and has even been witnessed in the animal kingdom. However, recent studies have shown that some people can become physically, mentally or emotionally dependent upon the feelings of sexual release produced by masturbation – the causes for which are still unknown.

Addiction to masturbation occurs when a person has an uncontrollable urge to sexually pleasure themselves and then acts on those urges regardless of the consequences. Simply masturbating or enjoying the sensations thereof is not indicative of an addiction, even if you do it every day. Interestingly, modern science is quick to admit the various medical and psychological benefits associated with a healthy, robust sex life and thus, no real relationship between masturbation and mental/physical disorder has been discovered.

How Can Masturbation Addiction Negatively Affect a Person’s Life?

Despite the lack of supportive evidence connecting masturbation with negative behaviors, there are still a few consequences that have been observed. For example, those who experience an uncontrollable urge to masturbate may suffer through social and/or relationship problems if the compulsions are left unsatisfied. And since forgetting how good it feels is virtually impossible, the only real way to combat masturbation addiction is to give your body what it wants. After all, masturbation addiction is still a relatively controversial subject with an extremely slow acceptance rate, meaning it may or may not even be a thing.

3 Creative Ways to Deal with Masturbation Addiction

Chances are, you’ll have someone mention masturbation addiction to you at least once in your lifetime, especially if you’re ever caught choking your chicken without shame. Peer pressure and status quo often dictate how we must behave, even in the privacy of our own home. Masturbation addiction may be a real concern for some, but those who enjoy beating their meat frequently shouldn’t worry unless they find themselves doing irrational things just to capture an orgasm.

Meanwhile, these 3 creative practices can help anyone find a happy middle ground between blatant addiction and fervent enthusiasm:

  • Put Yourself on a Schedule

By allowing yourself a “quota of orgasms,” you thereby limit the number of times you get to masturbate or reach climax each day. Like performing BDSM on yourself, imposing restrictions can actually increase the pleasure you get when you finally do masturbate. Interestingly, this sort of organized, self-regulated behavior not only combats addiction and increases pleasure but it can also reverse any problems you might be having with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and/or desensitization.

  • Wear Restrictive Gear

Certain products on the modern-day market are created just to prevent a man or woman from reaching orgasm, let alone touching themselves in a seductive way. Commonly referred to as a “chastity device,” things like cock cages make it impossible for the wearer to achieve an erection or masturbate regardless of how strong the urge is. With the right techniques and an open mind, you can retrain your main vein to take back control of your sexual compulsions before they ruin your life.

  • Use Sex Toys That Actually Work

Although it may seem counterproductive at first, using the right high-end sex toys can help release you from the bonds of masturbation addiction. Here’s how it works: In today’s industry, the best sex toys for men have features that are designed to inspire more than just an orgasm; they’re made with togetherness in mind. High-end, luxury-grade sex toys (for both sexes) often provide an opportunity for kinky, creative interactions between partners – as opposed to the secluded nature of traditional masturbation. This combo effect gives people the opportunity to fully customize their sexual experiences without turning themselves into a horny hermit in the process. Talk about two birds with one stone.

Masturbation Addiction in Conclusion

Masturbation may be a completely natural part of life with lots of health benefits associated with it, but if you don’t do it right you may become one of the unfortunate folks who has to attend a 12-step program for beating your meat. However, by either formulating a cohesive masturbation schedule, wearing restrictive gear over your genitals, or by simply using top-notch sex toys, you can regain control over your libido while still enjoying all the orgasms your horny heart desires.