8 Ways to Stop Yourself from Becoming Addicted to Sex, Porn and Masturbation

Recent studies show that at least 9 million people in America are reportedly addicted to sex, porn and/or masturbation. Alarmingly, those numbers skyrocket to 22 million worldwide, with the majority of people in that category being males between the ages of 40 and 50 years old. However, sex addiction can affect anyone regardless of their age, gender or sexual preference and the statistics are demonstrating that fact more and more every day.

People are constantly caught sexting, hooking up on dating sites, paying for sexual favors and similar activities despite socially accepted norms, but nobody addresses the root cause: chronic sexual frustration. Most people who engage in frequent porno watching, sex and/or masturbation do so because they aren’t getting what they need from a partner. So, while sex addiction has numerous drawbacks that can be downright scary, seeking sexual gratification from alternative means like porn and masturbation are clear signs (at least to some) that our society needs to be more creative about its orgasms.

However, sex addiction is a real problem and can be devastating to a person’s livelihood. The symptoms are relatively easy to recognize, but the solutions are somewhat limited. Most of the time, sex addicts are directed towards professional help, but there are several things a compulsively sexual person can do to avoid becoming completely addicted to intercourse, masturbation and/or porn:

  • Limit Your Exposure

The best way to stop yourself from becoming addicted to sex, porn and/or masturbation is to monitor your behaviors closely while setting a limit on how much sexual pleasure you’re allowed to experience during any given amount of time. The average person should ejaculate between 5 and 10 times per month. Anything more than that is generally considered excessive and indicative of an obsession that warrants immediate professional intervention.

  • Choose Your Sexually Explicit Materials Wisely

Scientists have proven that the images you and/or your partner are expose to during ejaculation can have a direct affect on future orgasms. In other words, watching too much porn can make it difficult to get off under normal circumstances. But more alarming that that is the fact that the mere content of the porn you watch can warp the mind, making it nearly impossible to ejaculate without out-of-the-box stimulation.

  • Masturbate and/or Watch Porn Only with a Willing Partner

One of the easiest ways to tell if you’re addicted to sex and porn is to consider whether you ever do it in private or secrecy. Double standards and double lives abound in the sexual arena, but such behaviors are always indicative of a sexual compulsion that’s potentially damaging to relationships. If you or someone you know masturbates and/or relishes in pornographic content clandestinely, it may be time to research sexual addiction treatment options since those activities should only be enjoyed with a willing partner.

  • Attempt to Ejaculate Without It

Not only will an attempt to ejaculate without the help of pornography and/or pre-game masturbation help you determine whether you’re in need of sex addiction therapy, it will also give you ample opportunity to practice and enhance your bedroom routine without worsening any existing compulsions. Because pornography and private masturbation are both culprits to a disconnect between lovers, always attempt orgasm without it to ensure a proper, long-lasting bond.

  • Stay in the Moment

One of the best ways to prevent yourself from becoming addicted to sex, porn and masturbation is to enjoy every aspect of each sexual experience you have. By carefully concentrating on the small details, you not only get more enjoyment out of the experience but you also end up choosing your sexual partners more wisely as a result of your heightened awareness. Stay in the moment and enjoy what’s in front of you before it’s gone, because it’s real and pornography and/or the images in your head during masturbation are not.

  • Keep Your Eyes on the Prize – Your Partner

Pay close attention to your lover while having sex or engaged in mutual masturbation, especially when using sex toys. Concentrate on the movements, sounds and facial expressions coming from your partner, with special consideration paid to climax, of course. Sometimes, the greatest pleasure we can obtain is the joy of watching someone else ejaculate because of something we did. Keep your eyes on the prize and win every time without porn or pre-sex masturbation.

  • Use Only as Directed

Because frequent masturbation and regular pornography is not generally viewed as harmful, enjoying both can have numerous benefits. However, it’s important to only do so as directed by the manufacturer, your doctor, your sex addiction therapist, and/or your intimate partner. Irresponsible use of porn, even with modest content, can lead to serious health problems such as high blood pressure, premature fatigue and even impotence. As a basic rule, masturbate no more than three times per week and enjoy sexually explicit materials no more than twice per month (unless otherwise directed).

  • Don’t Even Go There

The most surefire way to ensure you never become addicted to sex, masturbation and/or pornography is, of course, to never engage in any of them. Abstinence, albeit seldom discussed, is always an option. In fact, some BDSM sex games involve complete denial of sexual gratification, thereby strengthening the submissive’s resolve and breaking any existing addictions to sex. On the other hand, there’s simple will power to suffice for those not wishing to engage in such intense practices. Either way, refraining from sex, masturbation and/or pornography is difficult but certainly possible.

The Final Verdict

There are some incredibly healthy ways to enjoy sex, masturbation and/or sexually explicit materials. However, doing so without an heir of responsibility and modesty can be extremely damaging to a person’s overall wellbeing. And while sex addiction is a very real problem in modern-day society, there’s no good reason why someone can prevent the addiction from ever developing in the first place with the right behavior techniques and lifestyle choices.