How Long Does Recovery Take?

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There is no set timeframe for overcoming unwanted sexual behaviors. Everyone is different. However, you can begin experiencing some positive changes very quickly. The real challenge is how to make those changes last, and become a par

t of your life long-term. You need a program that will help you achieve permanent, positive change. It will take time and work, but you can do it! Take comfort in knowing that the changes you seek are well within your reach.

“How long does it take to break out of pornography addiction.” The answer is—”It's different for each individual.” There are so many physical, mental and emotional factors and variables that play a part in this addiction, the recovery process and time table. Knowing that everyone's situation is different, we designed the Candeo program to be as universal and inclusive as possible. We also designed it to work in harmony with all of the people who might be involved in an individual's recovery journey—a therapist, counselor, spouse, parent, clergy, etc.

Here is what one of our recovery Students had to say about his own recovery process and time frame:

“When I first got on the Candeo program I really didn't know how long it would take to get over my addiction. After a month or so of us

ing the tools I was having some good successes and feeling really confident. I thought maybe it was that easy and I was home free. But then I got over confident and had a relapse and was pretty depressed. But my Candeo coach and the other Candeo students on the forum really helped me through it and I got back on track. The forum is great because we all use our screen name so it's anonymous and we can be really open. So what I have learned is that my recovery is a process that takes time, effort and staying with it. I've had some ups and downs but over all I just keep making progress. I am so much further than when I started. I think I am learning to deal with urges and sexual stuff just like any normal guy has to. It just doesn't dominate me like it used to and thats something I never thought I would get in my life. The great thing about Candeo is that they keep teaching me and supporting me and sticking with me through the whole process, even now that I'm really healthy. The exciting part is that I get to help others by being involved in the student forums and discussions. I have no doubt I will keep being successful.”

We're all different. We all have our own unique backgrounds and challenges. But no matter who you are, Candeo can help get you on the recovery path and moving forward in your life. There's no better time than right now to get started. Start learning how to stop masturbating and stop watching porn today.


12 Replies to How Long Does Recovery Take?

  • John

    December 24, 2010 • 9:43 pm

    Thanks so much for that testimony! It’s been eight months for me but sometimes I still struggle. But what I like so much is that you said, despite even your relapse, you were making progress! I see it in my own life too, although others still doubt me. My wife filed for divorce and is finalizing it after 19 years of marriage. I wish she would wait. I have not commmitted physical adultery, but I certainly have been guilty in the past of looking with lust (Mt.5:28). She says she will never trust me again and is tired of all my apologies. Any advice? Thanks for your good work.

  • Nick

    January 6, 2011 • 11:02 am

    John, I am suffering the same fate as you, though my marriage has been a lot shorter than yours. There is no advice to anyone’s problem, but I can tell you that by coming to understanding that the root of most problems and failures has been realized, you should begin to see changes in your life sooner or later. Don’t become depressed about it: it is what it is, and life isn’t easy for anyone. Try to use the energy you’ve been wasting on doing things to change your past life, start doing good things you’ve not done for so long, things will start falling back into place and good things will start happening. Just have patience and faith. It is the right and only path from this dark tunnel!

  • Don

    January 25, 2011 • 11:13 pm

    If u guys overcome ur addiction, why still strugle with it?

    • Brad

      January 25, 2011 • 11:35 pm

      Don, can you clarify just a little more what you’re asking? I’m not sure I know what you mean. Thx

  • kb

    February 5, 2011 • 8:37 pm

    You need to understand where the wife is coming from. There is so many untold secrets. If you do not tell everything, there is no hope for the future.

  • Scott

    February 6, 2011 • 12:03 pm

    I truly believe that the ease of access of porn through the internet should be stopped. Whereas previously I had to make a large effort (get in car, find money for a magazine, drive to store, hope no one sees, etc) BUT now I am at any time a very few clicks from hard core porn of every type. During he course of typing this I could bring up hard porn. Its that easy. This IS a BIG factor.

  • eva

    March 10, 2011 • 8:15 pm

    It’s a lifetime process. you cannot recover from sexual addiction in just a snap of your fingers. you have to be very patient and well determined for you to reach your goal in full recovery.

    • March 14, 2011 • 8:42 am

      Eva – Thanks for your comment. It looks like you are involved in a recovery center yourself and we always welcome involvement of other professionals in the field. We do our best to make sure students understand that this will be a process. It will take hard work, determination, and some scary conversations with yourself and loved ones. Part of our six-month commitment pricing model is to communicate that we believe a minimum of six months is necessary to start seeing lasting changes and the every individual is different so it may take longer. At the same time, we are absolute believers in full recoveries and do not reside in the camp of “once an addict, always an addict.”

  • Skip

    April 8, 2011 • 10:38 am

    I have been addicted to porn since I was 13. I am now 39. I was married for 9 years. Are sex life was a filthy porn fantasy for me. She learned to please me the way that i saw in porn. We eventually drifted apart. I now find that when I meet a woman and We try to became intament that i can not get an erection. I have swore many times I am done with porn. the longest I have made it is 2 weeks. I want to be normal. I want to have a normal relationship. Is there hope for me? Money is tight but I will make it work if the program will help me. WillI ever be able to have a normal relationship again?

    • Brad

      April 8, 2011 • 1:45 pm

      Hi Skip,
      Like you, addicted to porn very early (10), finally found recovery at 43. I used to ask your questions over and over again, for years: “Why can’t I just stop and be ‘normal?’” “Is there hope for me? Life after Porn/Masturbation? Will I ever have a normal relationship?” Nobody said that recovery comes easy, but it does come. I lost my wife, family, job, and spent time in prison. I finally discovered these principles taught by Candeo. If I would’ve known just how “normal” and wonderful life could be AFTER PORN, I would never have waited so long. As I say often in this forum “I would’ve put on my track shoes and sprinted to get the help offered here.” The only regret you’ll have after getting started is the beating over the head you’ll give yourself asking “why did I wait so long?” Or even “why did I hesitate?” Please look me up in the student forum when you sign up. There are great people inside who are happy to help. Many of us have stayed around to help others along the way. I’ve been here over two years now. Life gets better, Skip. Better than before.

  • BJ

    April 29, 2011 • 3:57 pm

    I need to know if this program really works and that it’s not some type of ponze scheme. I need help to control (and possibly eliminate) my porn urges and addiction. I have tried for years to stop wacthing porn, but now i realize that I can’t do it alone and I need more help. I’m 27yrs old and im single because im trying to stay focused in college. I don’t have sex because im waiting for someone who is worth my time instead of sleeping around like I used to. I have not had sex in to years and it’s hard because my friends are always telling me that porn is normal. For me, it’s a struggle and I don’t know why. I know a lot of people who can watch porn all the time and it doesn’t bother them at all. I was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety years ago, so watching and masterbating to porn leaves me really anxious and the feeling last for days. Im sick of it and I need help, so if you guys can’t help me then can you please give me information on some legit sites that do? and can someone tell me how do I find out if a site is legit because now a days anybody can have a website and I don’t want to get dupped (takin advantage of) or have my idenity stolen. Can someone please reply to me as soon as possible. Thank You.

    • Bucky

      April 29, 2011 • 9:23 pm

      Hi BJ,
      Great questions. Yes Candeo is legit. Our program has been developed by an amazing team of Psychologists, Neuroscientists, and people who have actually struggled with this addiction and overcome it. Candeo CAN definitely help eliminate your porn urges and porn addiction. Your identity is completely safe and you will be completely anonymous to your coach and other students in the forum. All of our data is stored on our secure servers and follows strict HIPAA Compliance guidelines (the same security as hospitals, etc).

      We have been doing this for about 4 years and have helped thousands of people just like you CHANGE THEIR BRAIN and develop new healthy outlets. Change is definitely possible if you work WITH your brain instead of against it.

      Watch the mini course if you haven’t already.

      Good luck! hope to see you in the student forum soon.

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